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Reviews & Testimonials

Created on 26 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... dougwoody. I had been to different places prior and they did not fix the problem. I gave my compueter to alex and he had it fixed for me in less than an hour. Strongly suggest them for computer repairs. ...

Laptop Screen Repair/Replace

Created on 26 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... replaced or repaired. If you’re in the Middle Georgia area, come see us. We offer great fixed prices on labor, low prices on screens and a standard 1 year warranty! We replace Apple screens too! Have ...

Data Backup & Recovery

Created on 26 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

How does a computer store your data? The hard drive is the primary computer data storage device, which spins at extremely high speeds to read and write your information to one or more fixed disk platters. ...

Computer Diagnostic

Created on 18 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... seen issues looked at by other shops and misdiagnosed. Some problems can be fixed without ever booting into the operating system. Before starting repair work, we make sure that the computer hardware is ...


Created on 31 July 2011. Posted in Uncategorised

... get the direction.
Color Scheme Example Set or invert the hue, saturation, lightness and gamma of a map.
Minimal Example This map has a fixed width, no ...