10PC +Plus Monthly Maintenance Plan

Computers and networks are now an integral part of most small businesses and it is vital that they work reliably. By joining the Plus Monthly Maintenance Plan we will provide regular system maintenance that will help you to avoid many IT problems before they occur. In a busy office environment routine IT tasks may have taken a lower priority to core business issues, and the maintenance plan handles those for you boosting both reliability and providing peace of mind.  

Computer Maintenance $59Each customer will have a plan that is tailored specifically for their business, but generally the tasks undertaken by the Plus Monthly Maintenance Plan are… 

  • Check that backups have run properly and verify them
  • Monitor and clean up server disk usage 
  • Check server event logs for any ‘behind the scenes’ issues
  • Update protection and scan for viruses and spyware
  • Ensure that any relevant Microsoft updates are installed 
  • Optimize and compress Email and Shared Folder files where necessary
  • Optimize systems performance 
  • Check Email and Internet logging for errors and bottlenecks 
  • Run diagnostic checks on network and troubleshoot problems 
  • Make recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of your IT investment
  • 25% discount on additional services and in-shop priority service for covered machines and personal machines not cover by this plan (employees included)

We can provide support and services on demand for your existing IT systems as well as help define system enhancements. Depending upon your network setup many of these tasks can be run remotely and/or out of business hours to provide the minimum disruption in your office. 

While the Plus Monthly Maintenance Plan is the best possible way to protect your company from major downtime. Everything possible will be done to ensure your computers and server run to the best of their ability; Dougwoody will not be held responsible for any mechanical failures or results of mechanical failures. As with all electrical equipment, parts may fail at anytime. 

All parts are additional and will be charged separately. 

10 Computers/Workstations +Plus 1 Server are included with this plan (add more computers at $25 each).

Any additional work, not listed in this agreement will be billed separately at 25% off the current rate.

Trip charge is half price at $50.00 – A trip charge is applied if work is not done remotely. 

All fees are due upon receipt of invoice. Invoices are emailed or delivered at time of service. Cash, Checks and Credit/Debit Cards are accepted for your convenience.

Choose Your Monthly Maintenance Plan

2PC Plan

  • 2 Computers
  • Basic Maintenance
  • 20% Off Additional Services

5PC Plan

  • 5 computers
  • Basic Maintenance
  • 20% Off Additional Services

5PC+ Plan

  • 5 Computers + Server
  • Basic Maintenance + Server
  • 25% Off Additional Services

10PC+ Plan

  • 10 Computers + Server
  • Basic Maintenance + Server
  • 25% Off Additional Services