Conversion Optimization

It all comes down to the bottom line — a high return on your investment, and that means turning visitors into sales. Conversion rate optimization is the process of fine-tuning a website to increase the percentage of visitors who make a purchase, and more effectively lead a visitor to the action you want them to take. Increasing your conversion rate will help you convert more visitors into customers, and thus, make more money.

We do this through:

- Analytics
- Usability Analysis
- Sales Funnel Optimization
- Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing
- Website Maintenance and Content


Understanding what is happening on your website (and why!) is critical to improving the results of your marketing campaigns. We conduct an extensive study of user behavior, which analyzes how visitors arrived on the website, as well as what pages they viewed and any trends that might indicate why they did or did not complete a transaction. This is the first step in optimizing your site to increase website revenue from existing traffic.

Usability Analysis:

How do users feel about your site? We look at a website from the customer’s point of view. A usability analysis reveals any problems with the design, layout, copy or structure of a website to eliminate any potential obstacles so that your website feels easy, comfortable, and intuitive for the user.

Sales Funnel Optimization:

Not all traffic is the same. We can develop a website that will qualify or disqualify leads based on your specific criteria. A good sales funnel will not only help take customers from moderate interest in the product or service to a closed transaction, but will simultaneously eliminate those visitors who are less likely to convert.

Multivariate and A/B Testing:

This kind of testing will reveal which strategies are generating the best results. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference, and this can ensure everything is targeted correctly. We perform A/B or multivariate testing to find out what's working and what will work even better.

Website Maintenance and Content:

Strict website maintenance corrects issues like outdated content, broken links and other issues that turn away visitors, instead of turning them into customers. We touch-up your calls-to-action, streamline forms or other elements, and add new (optimized!) content. We fine tune every part of your website that users interact with.

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