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Managed IT Services

Created on 12 April 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

IT Help Desk & Support Dougwoody's approach to Managed Services reduces downtime, increases profitability, and makes your technology work for you to minimize the need for desktop support. At the same ...

Computer Maintenance Plans

Created on 30 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... to maintain general system performance. The goals of preventative maintenance are to try to reduce hardware failures, extend the life of company resources, minimize catastrophic crashes caused by outdated ...

SSD Upgrade

Created on 26 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... component most likely to fail. Because an SSD has zero moving parts, heat and noise are reduced or eliminated completely, resulting in a reliable solution compared to a traditional type hard drive.  ...

Pay-Per-Click Management

Created on 26 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... to find the right words to reduce the amount of wasted clicks, saving you money. Sponsored Search Ads: Pay-per-click advertisements are the sponsored links that appear above or to the right of the ...

isf Video Calibration

Created on 26 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... and sky. Optimize display settings for room lighting and to reduce viewing fatigue Extend the display's useable life; up to 2 times longer than factory settings Reduce energy consumption by an average ...

Data Backup & Recovery

Created on 26 March 2014. Posted in Uncategorised

... failure that can destroy your data and reduce your options for a successful data recovery attempt. Most of the time, data loss is only temporary. Call us now for a free evaluation of your particular ...