Picking a Web Designer

Choosing the best web design company

Searching for a new company or web designer? This can be exhausting and confusing. Like with every service you need to buy there are questions to ask yourself, you want the best you can find and afford. Let’s take a look at a couple things to consider that will help you make an informed and decision.

First Impressions – they matter

First impressions communicates several things about the company you will be working with. Design & branding should be current and tasteful, communicating effectively the services they offer. If you see anything that might resemble the 90's or early 2000's (lots of flashing images with poor taste in color), this might not be the right company for you. Further investigation should produce a good portfolio. Take note of the design styles you see, and do not take exception to an industry that may not appear available. Ask questions about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices and if they consider online visibility standards during production. Check out their reviews.

Who is selling web services to you?

There is a huge different between a sales person and actually speaking with the person who will be part of the design/build process. Dougwoody believes that the designer or developer conduct the main interviews in order for a client to understand exactly the process. This also helps with any technical questions that a sales person may not be able to answer or perhaps sugar coat an answer that is not exactly correct. Most importantly you should be able to predict if this would be a relationship that works with your style of conducting business. Personality helps make a great team, compatibility will make an easier process and experience for everyone involved in the project.

Size matters? Maybe not

At this stage you should already have a good idea if you like the company or not. However, you may also ask yourself whether the size or type of company impacts a different level of service. Large, small or even virtual, this should be no baring on your expectations. Design and development are based on the standards of the company and the talented team they offer.


Money, money, money

All professional web design firms typically do not publish specific prices (unlike hosting and domain registration), however, it is possible to call and receive a general quote. Similar to buying a new car with such additions as GPS, seat warmers, or Bluetooth, there are many factors that change the overall cost in web design. Only speaking with the firm directly will allow you to have a better idea. If you already have a specific budget in mind, explore this with your web design company and see what can be offered.


It’s good to know that once the project has been started, that reliability should be a main concern. Goals and project agendas should be created early. Likewise, once a project has ended, that the relationship continues with a maintenance plan. You want to make sure your contacts are easy to reach and are able to meet with you when required.

It might be worthwhile searching for written testimonials from previous clients. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to request references just as you would if interviewing your own employee.

Final thoughts

As a long time Web Design firm, Dougwoody believes that every website should be at the top if its class. We enjoy working with existing and new clients, have a passion for new design and development techniques. 

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